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GBeeco® Brand EV/PHEV Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Cable, Type 2 to Type 2, Three Phase, 32 Amp, 22kW, 3 Mode, 480V, 10 Meter, Black Cable White Shell, CE, TUV Certified, 2 Years Guarantee, and a Waterproof Oxford Textile Carry Bag. 

Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable

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10000 Times No-Load Plug In/Off 

IP55 Degree of Protection

Impact Resistance

Pressure & Abrasion Resistance

Anti Flaming Retardand Grade


The cable is 32 Amp, has 3 phases, and can charge your EV up to 22 kW. Our 3-Phase EV cables are useable in both a Single phase and 3 Phase charger. This product has a portable ergonomic design, better grip, and easy to plug and unplug.

Advanced R&D and Test Centers

We are a business partner of international suppliers which have advanced R&D and testing centers and a global sale of network of international car manufacturers, EVSE operators, and other international customers.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team will be happy to help you with your questions and enquiries.


Key Features

EV Plug Type

IEC 62196 Type 2 Female Plug

Rated Voltage

3 Mode 480V AC


Copper Alloy, Silver Plating

Work Temperature

-30°C  ~+50°C

Power Supply Plug

IEC 62196 Type 2 Male Plug

Cable Length

10 Meters


Flame Retardant Grade UL94 V-0

Mechanical Life

>10000 Times No-load Plug in/off

Rated Current Power

IEC 62196 Type 2 Female Plug

Cable Material

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Protection Rate




High Compability; Unlike normal EV chargers, our EV chargers are compatible with all Level 2 electric cars. All of our products have passed CE certification and German TUV certification, and the quality is superior.